Company Overview

ACR Publications was established in 1986 to provide reference manuals and training materials for operations, maintenance, and management of water and wastewater systems. Our material is skillfully planned with learning in mind. Each manual is designed for easy reference with quality illustrations. The techniques used in our manuals accommodate different learning styles.

Our Mission

ACR Publications is dedicated to providing tested tools that help operators and managers perform their jobs in a more effective manner. We specialize in providing training and support materials for operators and utility managers.

Contact Info

1234 N. Market Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95834

Toll Free: 866 916-7163

Phone: (916) 283-8502

Fax: (916) 553-4904

Email: info@acrp.com

Our Materials

We provide the following categories of materials:

  • Textbooks – Our textbooks are designed around the needs of the learner and the instructor.
  • Instructional Materials – Instructional materials are easy to use and follow the student text.
  • Correspondence Courses – Correspondence courses that provide access to training by operators in remote locations.
  • Support Materials – Support materials such as operator Flash Certs that assist in the certification process.
Shipping Info

Orders are shipped via UPS unless otherwise requested. Most orders are shipped within one to two business days. Hawaii and Alaska orders shipped via US Mail. Contact us for quantity discounts. 

About the Authors

Skeet Arasmith

Skeet has over 40 years of experience as a waterworks operator, water superintendent, and international trainer and consultant. He is the author of numerous waterworks training materials. His educational events on water and wastewater topics throughout the United States provided him the opportunity to receive valuable feedback from participants. This pertinent information is incorporated into each textbook.
Contact Skeet via e-mail.

George C. Mason

George has over 30 years experience as a waterworks operator and 18 years experience as a math instructor. George presents math classes at numerous waterworks functions.

Holly DeRamus

Holly has been working with public works employees for many years. She develops training for topics within the technical, mechanical, and regulatory aspects of the public works arena. Holly is an instructor in the water and wastewater program at Linn-Benton Community College.
Contact Holly via e-mail.

Rolfe Stearns

Rolfe has developed instructional materials and delivered technical training to municipal and tribal utility operators and managers during the last ten years. His expertise is planning, finance, safety, and operational management.
Contact Rolfe via e-mail.